Top Four Facts About Root Canal Treatment

If your dentist has advised you to go for a Root Canal Treatment in pune , this article might be a relevant read for you. It is important to separate facts from stories and figure out some crucial truths about root canal treatment. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make sure that your root canal procedure goes well and is able to address your problems from its roots.

What is Root Canal? The internal tissue of every tooth comprises of live cells and blood vessels. The interior side of your tooth along with the inside tissue is known as the ‘root canal’. How to Know about Root Canal Infection? If you are experiencing sharp pain while biting and chewing food, tender and swollen gums near a tooth, you might be having a root canal infection. Sensations of pain after having hot or cold beverages is also a common sign. Sometimes no sensation is felt at all due to dead nerves surrounding the infected tissue. When Do You Require Root Canal Treatment? The treatment is needed when the tissue inside your root canal has become infectious or is having painful sensations as a result of decay and trauma. The treatment is done to restore normal tooth health and to prevent it from affecting nearby bones. What Happens During A Root Canal Procedure? After administering local anaesthesia to your affected tooth, a small insertion is made into its pulp chamber. After removing the decaying tissue, root canals are cleaned and a disinfectant is applied. It is sealed then to prevent future infection. Root Canal Treatment in Pune is done by dentists who have professional knowledge of all endodontic procedures. At Jehangir OraCare Dental Centre, best root canal treatments are available. To know more about our services and treatments, visit us at or call us on +91 – 8149060597.