Smile Makeover in Pune

Now at OraCare Dental Centre, Smile system for a smile makeover is present for the treatment of our patient and Dr Aakash Shah, Co-Founder and CEO - OraCare Dental Centre, is one of the first few Dentists in Pune to use the Digital Smile System- a tool that enables the dentist to show to the patient the preview of the final outcome of their smile makeover treatment...All in a few Minutes!

Also, Smile system is a modern communication and visualization tool forming a triad of the patient, Doctor and lab, with an instant approach in designing accurate & a perfect smile for the patient.

Smile system enables users quickly (in less than 10 minutes) demonstrate patient what their designer smile would look like digitally avoiding time-consuming mock-up process & allow clinicians to Digitally communicate with technicians for accurate delivery.

The Smile makeover treatment demanded by patients is always fulfilled with our best expertise in the area of smile makeover at our dental clinic in Pune.

Smile Makeover Treatment in Pune – Jehangir OraCare Dental Centre

The comfort of the patient comes first for us at ORACARE. OraCare Dental Centre always provides a pleasant and friendly environment with the latest technology for comfortable treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

How many of us get conscious while posing for a picture? Do you flash your pearls or do you hide them? Today many people are opting for cosmetic dentistry as it has advanced immensely. A number of techniques are available that can beautify any smile e.g. Teeth Jewelry.

We have come a long way from the time when one had to settle for chipped, stained and crooked misplaced teeth. Cosmetically enhanced teeth now look more natural and are more long lasting. The revolution in technology and materials justify this fact. We at Oracare skilfully amalgamate science and art and create that perfect smile for you.

A new smile can do wonders both in personal and professional relationships.

Cosmetic dentistry, smile designing, smile makeover, smile sculpting, teeth Jewelry, aesthetic dentistry. All these terms have uniform treatment options. In simple terms means creation of a better smile by making certain changes in the alignment, shape, colour and texture of your existing teeth using ceramic/ porcelain crowns/ veneers.

Don't get worried as this treatment is not a surgery. Your teeth can be aligned without braces/ orthodontic treatment and the procedure is completed in a matter of just 2-3 Weeks.

Smile Designing Principles

Change your smile, and renew your self confidence !!

  • Are you self conscious about your smile?
  • Are stained, chipped, crooked or missing teeth and spaces between teeth eroding your self confidence?
  • Do you want a smile that will light up your face and boost your confidence?

Oracare Advantage For Cosmetic Dentistry

Personalised solutions

Each of us has a distinctly different smile. We at Oracare understand this fact and come up with tailor made solutions for each patient's cosmetic problem. We do this right at the beginning during the planning stage to give you the best solution for that best smile.