Teeth Whitening In Pune

Whitening And Bleaching Of The Teeth To Lighten Dark Or Stained Teeth

Teeth whitening or bleaching of teeth is a highly effective method of lightening the colour of your teeth. The prime objective of teeth whitening is to lighten the natural colour of your teeth without affecting the tooth surface. It won't be a drastic colour change but it will definitely lighten the existing colour

Teeth whitening process can be conducted in the following two ways

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening of teeth is attained through oxidation. In this process free oxygen radicals bring about removal of stains on your teeth. Teeth whitening process can be carried out even at home but it requires full examination and some necessary precautions prior to the treatment. Hence it is always advisable that the teeth whitening process be supervised by a dentist.

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The teeth become visibly clean post the bleaching procedure. Not only the teeth but even the gums have a positive effect because of the whitening materials. The peroxide based agent present in the whitening materials improves the health of the gums. Earlier teeth whitening materials were used in orthodontic treatment for gum irritation.

But the modern technique used at our dental clinic in pune make the procedure painless as well the results are also satisfying as compared with the old techniques that were used.

Note :

Bleaching does not change colour of fillings and crowns. During the bleaching process these would require replacements using lighter shade restorations. One should avoid bleaching if there are any gum diseases, decay or leaking fillings.

Bleaching Teeth That Have Had The Nerve Or Pulp Removed (Non-vital Bleaching)

This might be a rather extreme case of single tooth discolouration caused due to trauma. Not all these type of cases can be treated with bleaching. Some cases still require crowns and veneers.

This is a case of successful internal non vital bleaching. Post a successful root canal treatment the pulp chamber was sealed, the hollowed out crown of the tooth was filled with a bleaching paste and lastly sealed with temporary filling. This paste was changed every week till the desired result was attained. The bleaching paste and temporary filling were then removed replacing it with a permanent restoration.