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dental tourism in india

Dental Tourism

​Dental tourism, also known as dental vacation, is a growing trend where individuals travel to different countries to obtain affordable dental care while also enjoying a holiday. This type of tourism allows patients to receive high-quality dental treatments while taking advantage of the lower costs of dental care in other countries. One of the primary reasons why people choose dental tourism is to save money. Dental treatments, particularly cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening or dental implants, can be quite expensive in some countries. In contrast, many countries that offer dental tourism have lower costs of living and lower labor costs, resulting in affordable dental treatments. By traveling to these countries, patients can save up to 70% on their dental procedures. Another benefit of dental tourism is the opportunity to receive treatment from highly qualified dentists and dental specialists. Many countries that offer dental tourism have world-class dental facilities that utilize state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Additionally, some dental tourism destinations have dental schools and clinics that are internationally recognized for their excellence in dental education and research. Besides, dental tourism provides an opportunity to combine dental care with a vacation. Patients can enjoy the sights, sounds, and culture of the destination country while receiving dental care. Dental tourism destinations often offer sightseeing tours, spa treatments, and other activities to make the trip a memorable and enjoyable experience. It is essential to note that while dental tourism offers many benefits, patients must carefully research the dental facilities they plan to visit. It is crucial to ensure that the dental clinic or hospital has proper accreditation and licensing, and the dentists have the necessary qualifications and experience. Additionally, patients should also consider the risks and costs associated with travel, such as airfare, accommodation, and travel insurance. In conclusion, dental tourism is a growing trend that offers patients an opportunity to receive affordable, high-quality dental treatments while enjoying a vacation. With careful planning and research, patients can have a safe and enjoyable dental tourism experience that will improve their dental health and overall well-being.


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Clinic can arrange for pick-up at the airport, tie-up with hotels to provide assistance in accommodation


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Explore the India, which is adorned with majestic forts, palaces and various other ancient structures

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One of the best dental care clinic's I have ever visited. Starting from the staff's to the doctors, all are courteous and have been very customer friendly. The doctors are very experienced in what they do and are in seamless when it comes to the treatment. Post treatment, their follow-ups are always on a timely manner and have been very responsive to all our queries or clarifications. The quality of the services delivered is praiseworthy and you definitely get your penny's worth. One of the traits which stands out in terms of their appointments and meeting the doctors is their punctuality and "Yes" they do respect your time. To conclude, you have a tooth issues , this is the clinic you would want to visit.

Surajit Bhowmick

This has been the best root canal experience of my 3 experiences so far. The previous 2 were elsewhere. Dr. Neera Shah is a magician who knows what exactly her patients need. She listened to my apprehensions about root canal and made sure she took right steps to make me feel comfortable throughout the root canal procedure. The entire procedure was painless just like she had said. I m grateful to a highly skilled and empathetic doctor like you Dr Neera. Thank you for an experience that has whitewashed all my previous bad experiences with root canal procedure. I m not going to be scared about it anymore. God bless! Sagar

Sagar Shekhar

Some doctors are meant to be great doctors because they display passion, dedication and satisfaction in their demeanor. I can confidently say this because for the past two years my daughter, Kaveri, and my wife, Arati, have been taking dental treatment from her, and are extremely happy with her gentle handling, friendly attitude and clarity in explaining the actual problem and it's possible solutions. It shows in the way she deals with her patients that she has an in-depth knowledge in her field. She is a thorough professional and empathetic towards her patients. She is calm, composed, and understands what it takes to be a great dentist. I definitely recommend her for anyone who needs a genuine dentist, one who really cares and resolves any dental issues.

Manish Grampurohit

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