Coffee is well known for its ability to perk you up and help you kick-start your day, but unfortunately it might not be a best friend to your teeth. Coffee leaves stains on your teeth, making them lose their natural whiteness.

However, there are several ways that help prevent and remove coffee stains from your teeth without having to give up on your favorite brew.

Drink Plenty of Water: Having a glass of water right after your cup of morning coffee is a great idea for more than one reason. It will help you stay hydrated, which is important for overall health, and it will help rinse away the tannins (the staining substances in coffee) and sugars that can stick to your teeth.

Drink with a Straw: Change the way that coffee is consumed. Use a straw to prevent coffee from actually touching the teeth. It may seem strange at first, but it is definitely a good way to prevent staining on the teeth.

Chew Sugar-free Gum: Chewing some gum after your coffee. The act of chewing increases the amount of saliva you produce, washing away staining substances.

Floss Every Day: Flossing will get rid of the particles that cause staining that build up between the teeth that even thorough brushing can sometimes miss. Plus, stains that begin between the teeth are just as unsightly as stains on the front of the teeth, and can easily spread and darken.

Whitening Treatments: It's also an option to talk about whitening treatments such as bleaching to lighten the shade of your teeth professionally. After these treatments, be sure to take excellent care of your teeth.

Get Regular Dental Cleanings: In addition to proper oral hygiene, schedule regular appointments with the dentist to keep your teeth healthy and white. A professional cleaning can help remove coffee stains through abrasion and polishing action.

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